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How to Whiten Your Whites?

Ever wonder how My Locker Laundry gets your whites so White?

We’re happy to share our tips with you so you can try them at home, or just leave your laundry to us for crisp, clean clothes of all colors. We hope you may enjoy below following tips to brighten your whites and your days!

Tips 1: Wash between wears

Even if you can’t see or smell it, body oils and perspiration would build up in your clothes each time you wear, and turn them yellow over time! It’s best to wash your clothes, especially your whites, every one (or max two) wear, before soils and body oils accumulate and sink in with your garments. Wash your garments in a timely manner will greatly help to prolong the lifetime of your favourite clothes.

Tips 2: Pretreat your stains

Do you know that stains have different categories? Some common types of stains are: oil stain, varnish stain, lacquer stain, get stain …. If you want your Whites be freshen up, you should pretreat your stains before washing them at the machine.

Tips 3: ALWAYS separate by color

White Clothes should ALWAYS get their own wash cycle to prevent colors bleed from your other garments!

Tips 4: Carefully select your laundry agents

At My Locker Laundry, we use environmentally-friendly laundry agents that is tough on stains but gentle on fabric, so that they last for years to come.

Tips 5: DON”T pack up your washing machine, give them some rooms to move

We know it can be tempting to fill your washer to the brim when you are washing at home. But at My Locker Laundry, we strongly discourage you to do so! Your garments need room to wash and that extra rooms are actually required for your machine to work it’s magic. Agents like detergents and water need space to circulate it through your garments in order to break the oil and soil down and wash them away.

Tips 6: Always follow your garment’s care label

They are there for a reason. The care labels will inform you the right temperature required for the best clean, as some fabric require a warmer temperature while some others would prefer cooler one. If you’re ever stumped, just let our professional cleaners to do the jobs for you.

And remember, we are here to help you to take care of your clothes, so to prolong their lifetime and dress you up for success!


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