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Fill your home with happiness, but not germs!

Every parent right now is tasked with the tough decision of how to do a combination of home-based-learning and going back to school, as the risk of germs being spread is still a concern, even though the vaccination program has been highly successful in Singapore.

We asked organizing experts at Cleanly to share tips on how you can set up a disinfecting zone at home simply and fill the home with joy and safety, but not germs, during school days.

Tip 1: Choose a Location

Organizing experts at Cleanly suggests that you will want to set up a disinfecting station near the entry at home, that is used most frequently. You can also consider putting anything that needs to be washed is contained in the washing area until it can be cleaned.

Tip 2: Stock up your Supplies

Masks, hand sanitizer (or even gloves) should be stored together and sort it by type. Make sure you have extras on hand. However, do not over supply! Because many of these items may have an expiry date, so just stock up a month supply or so would be sufficient. Remember, creating additional clutter will likely cause more chaos, and that’s the last thing you want.

Tip 3: Keep them Separate

Make sure you create separate areas for clean and dirty items. Consider hanging one command hook per family member on a nearby wall for clean masks, and a bin below for dirty ones.

Tip 4: Keep your clothes Clean

You should consider washing your clothes after each wear, and encourage your children change clothes when they come home. This help them to cultivate a good hygiene habit, and prevent germs from entering your home.

If you need it, My Locker Laundry is here to help, clean and disinfect, fold, press and iron, and deliver your garments – 7 days a week, and you can use the laundry lockers 24 hours during the day.

With a dedicated zone in place for disinfecting germy surfaces and hands that enter your home, you can help to protect everyone at home.


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