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On-demand is not the optimal solution for most customers' needs

Just a week ago, there was a news reported on Straits Time, titled: “Honestbee to stop food delivery in Singapore, suspend laundry service from May 20; 400 riders affected”.

We are once again reminded the concept of in-demand service vs on-demand service for our industry.

When our founders started My Locker Laundry in Dec 2017, the “on-demand” economy was “hot”.

Investors and VCs were excited to locate the next Uber or Grab and companies across industries were launching on-demand services almost every other week. However, fast forward to today, only a few companies have found success with the on-demand model, but most others have struggled.

At My Locker Laundry, we took a deliberate position of understanding that “on-demand” is not the optimal solution for most customers needs.

Right from the beginning, we have structured our business model to be needs-focused and solutions-focused, and we used the understanding to create a convenient, 24/7, business model for our customers and transfer our savings to all of them.

We understood that when it comes to laundry services, it is rare that a customer would need to dry clean or iron his dress shirt right now, right here. Therefore, an on-demand service would not make logical and financial sense. It adds on the costs, which will eventually be transferred to the customers, but doesn’t add much value.

In the case of Honestbee, the company has absorbed part of the cost, which eventually contributing to the high cost operating model where they are unable to sustain the offerings.

Smart scheduling, however, is what we developed at My Locker Laundry.

Not only it helps to optimize the turnaround time for each service type, it also assists us to provide the highest quality clothing care at a highly reasonable price.

At My Locker Laundry, providing convenient service at a reasonable price remains our core provide.

That’s why we are enjoying one of the highest customers retention rate of above 85%, and one of the highest customer referral rates in our industry.

Our customers have also gladly shared their experience at the app store at both Android and IOS and gave us a combined rating of 4.8/5.0.

We are blessed with comments like:

“Love it! I would have given them a 6 stars if it’s possible.”

“Started to use their service sine Nov and we have been their regular fans.”

“Honestly, My Locker Laundry is amazing.”

“Provide great convenience at a very competitive price.”

“They are really on TOP of their game.”

For the past 12 months, we are blessed to open 14 different outlets taking care of our customers laundry, dry cleaning and ironing needs.

Thank you for supporting us to remain as one of the most preferred choice for laundry care.

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