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Do You Make These Mistakes Washing Your Jeans?

Some people suggest you should never use machine to wash your jeans. Other recommend you don’t have to wash them at all! Really? We turn to our care leader, KY, to his recommendations and mistakes to avoid, to keep our basic blue and black denim looking as new as possible.

4 Common Mistakes

1. Cramming too many pairs in at once

The more garments you stuff into the same load, the faster you will get your laundry done? Not true! Without room to move, zippers and rivets will snag and stitching will break. Your clothes should be able to tumble freely, so that they can be thoroughly cleaned and dried and don’t crumble together when you are removing them from your machines.

2. Wash your jeans right side out

It doesn’t matter which cycle or programme you choose, the very act of machine washing and drying is abrasive to fabrics (including the “super tender” option available on the print). This is mainly because garments rub against each other when they tumble. To help minimize the color loss from the rub, turn jeans inside out before placing them in the washer and leave them inside out until you remove them from drying.

3. Did you choose the right cycle or program?

The newer you want your denim to look, the gentle you should select for the option. At My Locker Laundry, we would always recommend hand washing and line drying as these are the safest option. However, they are costly in terms of time and effort. So unless your jeans are particularly dirty, it will be best to wash them in cold water (or select one of the gentlest cycle and dry them at the lowest possible temp your machine allows).

4. Don’t leave your jeans in the dryer for too long

Fabrics shrink when they are left in the dryer for too long or get over-dried. That’s why jeans will last longer when you take them out of the dryer dry (instead of super dry).

So basically, KY advices that leave your jeans inside out and dry them on a low temperature. He also recommends you to separate lightweight clothes, like T-shirts from heavyweight garments, like jeans. KY suggested, “If you wash heavy and light clothes together, you will find that the light ones will dry more quickly inside the dryer so they will be there for too long.

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