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5 Uncommon Things to Use to Remove Your Stubborn Stains At Home

Forget about the commercial stain-removal pens you shopped at NTUC Fairprice or Cold Storage. They are expensive and often laden with much chemicals and if you are not an expert in garment care, you may just be ruining your shirts and wasting money.

We believe you would probably have these items at home but didn’t know that they could just have an amazing result in cleaning your shirts, read on!

1. Liquid Laundry Detergent

You can apply a bit of liquid laundry detergent to your stain, rub it with a brush and toss the garment into the wash along with the rest of your clothing.

Want to DIY your home-made stain remover spray? Fill an empty spray bottle (those small one or travelling kit works best) with equal parts of liquid laundry detergent and water, you will just have created your very own stain remover spray!

2. Baking Soda

We can’t say enough how much we love baking soda! (Yes, we truly do!) Add ½ cups of baking soda in with your detergent and your clothes will simply come out cleaner. This will also help your white shirts get whiter!

3. Vinegar

Have a bottle of vinegar at home? Put it to work in your laundry room. Mixed vinegar with equal parts of water, it will become one of the most effective solution for soaking stained clothing.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Okay, this may be a little uncommon found at home. However, hospital care professionals actually use full-strength hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains at work. When you are DIY-ing at home, you could consider mix two parts hydrogen peroxide with one part dish soap (2:1) to remove grass, wine, chocolate or armpit stains. Allow the mixture to sit on the clothes for about 3-4 min (not too long!). Then dab at the stain with a clean cloth until it is lifted. Repeat the process if necessary.

5. Toothpaste

Ha? Really? Yes, toothpaste! It’s one of the least heard solution for cleaning clothes. Squirt a little bit of toothpaste onto your stain (e.g. coffee stain). Then add a small amount of water, just like how you do it when you are brushing your teeth), work the paste into your stain. Rinse and repeat the process when needed. This is a great solution for removing tough stains from clothing.

If you are tried of treating the stains yourself, feel free to try our services at My Locker Laundry here.

We are happy to do the dirty work for you!

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