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Why You Should Wear Crazy Socks

Whether they are covered in American flags, sushi, superheroes, robots, lobsters, water melons, crazy socks have a number of hidden benefits.

In a world where conformity is key – think about how often people “conform” with tradition at work, it takes individuals courage to throw on a pair of socks covered in unique designs (or neon colours) and proudly display them in public.

People often say your eyes are the window to your soul – they offer another person insight into your soul, your mind, your true feelings and your personality. Socks does the same!

A recent study conducted proclaim that people who wear crazy socks are expressive, creative, smart and successful.

People who wear crazy socks are telling the world that they are different.

They are telling the world that they refuse to conform to social trends, status quo, and they will confidently display their playful personalities and unique self. They’re leaders and leading a revolution rather than conforming and following a trend.

Psychology Today tells us that what you wear say a lot about you. So does crazy socks. It help give off a more vibrant, upbeat, creative, fun, and fascinating image at a traditional workplace.

Colourful and character socks show playfulness and make a great icebreaker during office setting, it makes a great way to connect with others. Just like at the creative industry, you will find many people are wearing fanciful socks or other unexpected attire – they become part of your display personality!

New York Times also reported that tech entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley for their flamboyantly coloured, outrageously patterned socks trend among others, and how wearing these flashy and fun socks give the world an impression that you are part of the “trend leader” – rather than a trend follower.

Another study published by Journal of Consumer Research discovered that people who wear unusual socks on purpose are perceived as being more creative, successful, smart and revolutionary, and had an increased status. While we are all taught not to judge a book by its cover, or a person by his/her outfit, it’s interesting to see that socks play a significant role in people’s perception. Just imagine a successful senior executive dressed in a fine business suit with a subtle hint of flair in the form of crazy socks. You may probably think that they are bold, creative, non conformist, and smart and extremely confident!

Feeling ready? Try getting your first pair of fun socks, you may just fall in love with them.

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