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How To Make A Winning First Impression During Your Job Interview

First impression is important. First impression last. Studies have shown that the first 5 min of your interview is critical to the success (and failure) of your job interview, and you only get one shot at it.

We believe it’s important for you to dress well. When you dress well, you feel good and confident. When you feel confident, you stand tall, and even your smile and eye contact gets better and create a positive neuron to tell your body that You are READY.

The value and contribution of a person has little to do with their appearance or the clothes they wear. However, according to multiple studies, the way a person is perceived and treated is largely influenced by those factors.

One research study conducted by psychologist Alex Todorov of Princeton University and Janine Willis in 2005 had people look at a “microsecond” of a video of a political candidate, to determine who (may) win the election. Amazingly, research subjects could predict who would win the election just from that microsecond of tape with a 70% accuracy! This tell us that people can make incredibly accurate snap judgement in a tenth of a second.

For the purpose of this article, we are not going deep into other important aspects such as body languages, the way you speak etc. We want to help with what we know best – how you should dress:

Only wear clean clothes

“Ha, My Locker Laundry, great advice … you think we didn’t know??” Well … hmm … trust us. We’ve been there and seen it. During one of our former work to interview a job candidate, the person’s shirts was untidy and dirty, and you would probably be able to imagine the impression he created for us during that interview.

Remove wrinkles

When your business attires is not properly ironed, you look “sloppy” – this really affect how other people see you when they meet you. Dress shirts and blouse will come back from the dry cleaner freshed and pressed, but it is very important for you to neatly fold or hang your shirts as soon as it’s out of the dryer – or invest your time to commit to regularly ironing. A proper ironing job takes only 15 min, and this 15 min will be very well spent because you don’t have second chance to make the first impression.

If you are on the road and travelling, most hotels will have an iron in the room. Even if you can’t find one, you can always request one from the front desk.

Be respectful of the dress code and suggested attire

Dress for the occasion. Ask your interviewer what would be the properly dress code. Do you need a tie? A jacket? Or it’s okay to come with your beloved jeans? When you are unsure, you should always wear at least one degree higher to be safe.

Remember that a polished appearance is not only scientifically proven to benefit you and affect how others see you, it also improves your self confidence and awareness, and show your respect for the people around you.

If you don’t have time to invest in properly taking care of your clothes or ironing, do remember that My Locker Laundry personally picks up, professionally clean, conduct pre and post inspection for your beloved garments. Dry Cleaning and Wash and Iron and Wash and Fold services are made available so you never have to do laundry again.

Laundry day? Laundry done.

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