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An Important Note To Our Pricing

Laundry care has always been challenging. Customers are often held hostage to proximity when choosing a professional dry cleaning and laundry company and can’t assess quality until after they get their clothes back; laundry outlets only operate during the normal working hours, often until 7pm or 8pm, so sending your clothes to the outlet and collecting them back become a very troublesome task.

Some resolve it by sending their clothes to the outlets located at shopping malls as they have an extended opening hours until 9pm. As the rental of shopping malls is expensive and they have to employ at least one or two people to manage the outlet, customers often have to pay premium price to process their clothes. The high price is not because the cleaning is more premium, but simply used to subsidize the rental and manpower costs of the outlets. Worse, there are often limited customer service, technology or transparency.

How often we see this:

“The prices listed above are all minimum charges before GST. Price varies according to the design of individual article.”

When we started My Locker Laundry ….

When we started My Locker Laundry, we are very clear that one of our main objectives was to provide quality laundry services that is reliable, affordable and to wow our customers with exceptional services.

We wish to remove those challenges listed above to solve a fundamental problem for our customers. As a result, our team has invested a lot of time and resources to design and re-design our communication flow, ensuring that it is very streamlined, payment is streamlined, and process is streamlined to provide a convenient service.

To be honest, to make the software and hardware integration work is challenging. When you have a purely automated software system you actually have less challenges, but we build a software and hardware integration that work together in sync.

We have also eliminated the need of cash to make payment easy, and our on-line off-line system created a competitive advantage for us and barrier of entry to the others.

So we offer a simple and transparency pricing ….

The re-designing of the entire workflow enabled us to provide a simple pricing. There are no hidden fees. No confusing pricing, and our prices is about 1/2 of the price you found in many other laundry outlets.

In addition, a device is all you need. From placing a dry cleaning order to making payments, you can easily operate your entire laundry process on an app.

We are very proud of the services we’ve created for our customers. Thank you again for your continued support. We will continue working tirelessly to provide the service you desire for your laundry, and we look forward to taking care of you for a very long time!

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