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How To Properly Store Your Clothes In A Humid Country Like Singapore?

Having an organized closet space can save you time, and more importantly, keep your favourite clothes looking great for a longer period of time. In addition, an organized closet will enable you to pack your outfit of the day and for your holiday to become a more efficient and enjoyable process.

Store your clothes properly is very important in Singapore, as our hot and humid climate may accelerate the damaging process to your beloved garments if you don’t do it properly.

So, what are the seriously life-changing clothing organization tips?

Think like a pro

Before you can efficiently organize your closet, you really need to know what you should fold and what you should hang.

It may seem to be a simple idea, but we learnt from our experience that actually, not many people know which items to fold and to hang! Do you?

What to fold: Delicate items such as sweaters and knits require gently folding in your closet. They should be folded rather than hung, because folding puts less stress on the materials. Sturdy items like jeans, khakis would do well folded. Causal wears like t-shirts, golf pants can also be folded without creating creases or wrinkles. In fact, most polo shirts and t-shirts are made with a thin cotton or polyester blend, which makes them easy to be stretched by hangers. So the best practice really is to fold and neatly stake them in a clean drawer.

What to hang: Garments that wrinkle easily such as suits, dresses, blouses, men’s dress shirts, pants are best kept on hangers. The best hangers are the wooden hangers approximately ¼ inch thick as these hangers are strong enough and are designed to allow for air circulation between garments. If you are thinking to store a particular item for a long period of time, AVOID using wire hangers, as they may leave a permanent pucker mark on the should of your shirts.

So how about my ties and belts?

The most common way to store a tie and belts is on a tie rack. When you realize you have more ties and belts than the rack can hold, the next best option will be to roll and place them in a compartmentalized drawer. And how can you properly rolling your ties and belts? Start from the narrow end and roll loosely until you reach the wider end. This will make your ties and belts look great.

Savvy shoppers like you will look for ways to stretch your dollars by getting good deals when buying new clothes. You inspect your clothes carefully before your purchase, and by practising simple and proper storage techniques, you can further stretch your dollars by prolonging the lifetime of your garments. So why not start today?

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