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Your Guide to Pocket Squares

The concept of a pocket square is a little weird. You may even ask yourself how on earth could a functionally useless piece of fabric nested inside a pocket be considered “style”? Well, we’ll just right out and say that YES, IT IS STYLE. We’re here to tell you exactly why.

It’s Men’s Look Defining Accessory

While your tailored-made shirt and your choice of tie define your personality – it’s the pocket square make (or break) your overall outfit. It’s the single most indispensable tool for defining a man of style these days.

It’s an Art, not Science

There is no “rules” when comes to choosing the right pocket square. However, the rule of thumb is that the pocket square should complement your shirt, not to match them. So if it looks simple, neat and feel right, you are on the right track.

But How You Fold It Says It All

Different folds suit different occasions, so here is an overview:

One-Point Fold: at work or with your sports coat

Two-Point Fold: A corporate favourite

Three-Point Fold: Business wear with a sartorial edge

Presidential Fold: Very formal occasions

Cagney Fold: Business casual occasions

Puff Fold: Most modern and stylish, suitable for most occasions

Scallop Fold: Social events

Dunaway Fold: Business or casual

Why You Should Wear A Pocket Square

(1) It gives you an edge over the average Joe

No one likes to stick out like a weird kangaroo but if you reading this article, chances are you don’t want to look average either. You wish to feel good and look great. Adding a pocket square to your outfit is a subtle way to make you stand out.

(2) It reveals your attention to detail

It’s always in the details. Someone cares about the details rises in the ranks. Sharp-eyed people will be impressed, be they stylish ladies or smart gentlemen.

(3) It adds color and personality to your outfit

Your outfit can go from good to great with the right pocket square. It can provide a compliment (or contrast) to other colours. You will also show a bit of your personality through the fold you choose. A classic fold in white linen can show you mean business, while a puff fold in a patterned fabric is expressing eccentricity.

(4) It makes your outfit a little more formal

Adding a nicely fold pocket square add enough formality to an outfit that you don’t need to wear a tie.

Ultimate Guide

So now you’re equipped with some of the best folds and knowledge about pocket squares, here are additional tips to keep in mind:

+ Classic and simple folds work best in cotton or linen

+ Consider texture. White linen makes a different impression

than white silk. The former coveys a message that is smart and strong but the latter is communicating smooth and polished

+ Try to avoid “matching”. Remember, pocket square aims to complement (or contrast) your colors rather than matching them

+ They are for style, not sweat 😊 Keep your pocket squares clean at all times

So, you have it. Adding a pocket square to your outfit does not automatically mean you are going to be the next stylish star. It simply means you have the confidence to try out different accessories and go a little bolder with your formal look. YOU decide which fold best suit you – simple looks and colours, patterned styles with complex folds. What’s stopping you now? Try it today.

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