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Now That Your Little One Has Arrived

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so happy for you!

You couldn’t imagine how much laundry you are going to do once your little one has arrived. Whether it’s her baby’s clothes, linens, bedsheets, bear bear or blankets … you will realize you are going to do A LOT more laundry than before. The following tips will help you get started.

Tip 1: Always wash baby clothes before they’re worn

Washing baby clothes before you try them on your baby is absolutely necessary. You will have no idea what they spray on the clothes before they are shipped to the shop. We learnt that many manufacturer spray formaldehyde on baby clothes before they are shipped to make them look new and unwrinkled. Your baby’s skin is so sensitive, so you don’t want to take any chances.

Tip 2: Remove any tags on the clothes

You should go ahead to remove any tags so that they won’t scratch your baby’s skin. Be careful and make sure there are no ragged edges left when you cut off the tag. We particularly like those baby clothes which have the tag “outside” instead of “inside”. You can find some of those nice ones at a very reasonable price at Uniqlo.

Tip 3: Skip the fabric softener

It could be tempting to use fabric softener to keep your baby’s clothes soft isn’t it? After all, it’s what fabric softener is for right? Don’t even think about it! The chemicals in the fabric softeners is too harsh on your baby’s skin. Moreover, it also reduce the effectiveness of the flame retardency on your baby clothes. If you are worried about the smell, try to add a little bit of white vinegar to your wash, it clears away the smell and keep your clothes just as soft.

Tip 4: Use baby wipes for the little accidents

Baby messes happen! It’s a good idea to keep a set of baby wipes around you at all time – in her bedroom, your bedroom, in your car AND diaper bag. When your baby messes happen, you can use the baby wipes to wipe them right away. If not, the wet wipe also helps to dilute offending stain or smell until you can get them wash. In the market, there are different brand of baby wipes and each claiming that they are great for babies. We haven’t found a significant different between the wipes so we stick to the Fairprice Housebrand Baby wipes. It’s not only alcohol free, but its aloe vera extract is suitable for daily use.

Tip 5: Don’t lose another sock!

One thing we notice that many new parents tend to lose baby’s socks when they are washing their clothes. They are just so little that they can get caught in a sleeve or hide themselves in a blanket or towel. Put the little socks in a mesh bag, you will not lose another sock tomorrow.

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