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Oops! How To Remove Wine Stains

Easy to drink, even easier to spill. We’ve all been there – getting ready to head out for a good evening with friends but out of the blue, you accidentally spill your wine on your perfect outfit. There is no going back; no way you have enough time to change to another outfit … what should you do?

Tip 1: Do you have some table salt at home?

The first and the easiest thing to do is to sprinkle with salt as it will absorb the wine when it’s freshly spilt on a shirt. The same solution works for curtains, couches, carpets, bedsheets.

Tip 2: Hot water is your ally

If your shirt is made of cotton, warm water will work. This is because wine is a water-soluble stain. Use a wet cloth and blot around the edge of the stain will prevent it from further spreading and save your outfit. However, do note that some garments and fabrics are not friends of high temperature water. Know your clothes!

Tip 3: Blot, don’t rub

Blotting the spill zone is what you should do. Don’t rub. When you rub it, it can actually cause the stain to spread to other areas and permanently damage your fabrics.

Tip 4: Stay away from sunlight or blow dryer

Heater, sunlight and blow dryer will speed up the setting of the stain. Stay away from them.

Tip 5: Don’t be a hero

Unless you are 100% certain of your fabric and the ingredients of fabric protectors, don’t be a hero. Some of these products may wear off your garments when they are applied incorrectly.

Tip 6: When all else fails, leave it to the experts

The above steps are great from preventing the stain from worsening, but your best chance at saving your outfit is to leave it to laundry care experts. At My Locker Laundry, we always examine and apply best practices for removing stains. Although we can't always promise 100% of stain removal, we do our best every time to ensure that they are ready-to-go when you collect them.

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