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Top 6 Laundering Mistakes You’re Probably Making – And How To Avoid Them

Overdoing the bleach? Overloading the washer? Using too much detergent? What are some of the laundering mistakes people commonly make in Singapore?

1. Not reading the care label

Care labels are there for a reason. Without the guidance of an accurate care label, you won’t know how to properly care for a particular garment which in the long run would ruin your clothes. Does it need to be hand washed? Okay with machine? Dry clean only? How much heat a garment can withstand? Always read the instructions given on the tag.

2. Using too much detergent

More detergent is NOT better for laundry! Some people believe that when their towel is dirty and smelly, they just add more detergent during their washing cycle in order to get rid of the smell. This is simply a mistake. Too much detergent can actually hold dirt pulled from clothes and when they are not properly rinse, it leads to bacteria build up. So it may sound counterintuitive, for cleaner laundry, you may need to use less detergent.

3. Leaving wet clothes in your washing machine

Once the washing cycle is up, it is recommended for you to remove them within 30 min. When you are leaving wet clothes in your washing machine, it leads to stinky clothes and a smelly machine. If you have ever leave your wet clothes in your machine for more than 24 hours, mildew will start to form and it can trigger an allergy or asthma attack.

4. Overloading your machine

A full load does NOT mean load your clothes fully in your machine. Cleaning requires your clothes to move around inside the drum, so that water and detergent can distribute evenly and properly, lift stains and shake away the dirt. When you overload your machine, your cleaning won’t be done right and it can also damage the machine.

5. Using top loader washing powder in your front loader machine (or vice versa)

Do you know that washing power/solution for top and front loader machine is designed differently? Top loader detergents produce more form than front loader detergents, the excess foam and trip your machine and damage it. Check the label when you are buying your detergents next time.

6. Finally, don’t overdo your bleach

The occasional bleach can bring back your whites. But using it too often can turn your whites to yellow. Also, avoid using bleach for silk, nylon and wool, their fabric will be damaged and shorten their lifetime.

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