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3 Amazing Tips To Get Kids Involved In The Laundry Work

Wouldn’t it be great for your 3 year old kid help in the weekly laundry work? If you are just like any other typical Singaporean family, you will be doing your laundry at least twice a week, then you would already know laundry work can be REAL WORK. It’s like a never ending job as there are always more dirty clothes.

As a mother of a 2 year old daughter, I wish to share with you some of the tips we use at home.

Tip 1: Make it a game

Each child at home should have his or her own laundry basket, preferably in his or her own bedroom. In this way, their clothes will always be separated and kept organized. Next time when you are putting your clothes into the washing machine, create a competition, see who can put more clothes into the machine. If you have more than one kid, you can even “gamify” the entire work, like who can collect and fold the most laundry of a certain color? Who can gather and put all their socks properly? You get the idea, don’t you?

Tip 2: Make it a family time

A little effort your laundry time can become a family time. When you approach laundry with joy and smile, your young ones will mirror your attitude and do the same. For example, your young talents can help to sort and fold washed items. And when daddy and mummy and your young ones are doing your laundry time together, you can ask each other questions, play your favourite music on the background so that every one can enjoy. Or you can even make up a song and sing it along while you are doing laundry work together.

Tip 3: Older kids can do their own laundry

Washing machine used to be a complicated machine that involves a lot of tuning process. However, many of today’s machines can be operated by a 3 year old. Your kids CAN lend you a hand. Moreover, when your kids start to help out in household work from young, they will also learn to become more responsible and appreciate the hard work.

Now, you may think that this idea sounds so impractical. Wait a min, your older kids can now operate a smart phone without much help, there is no reason that they can’t handle this responsibility. Do it weekly with them. The time you invest in teaching your kids how to do laundry will be time well-spent, and will be a very fun process too.

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