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You Are Probably Not Washing Your Pyjamas Enough!

How often do you wash your pyjamas? After every wear? After 2-3 wear? A survey conducted by the Daily Mail just found out that many of us wait for more than two weeks before washing them! Yucks! This is pretty gross isn’t it?

The survey highlighted that an average man changes his pyjamas once every 13 days, while an average woman changes hers once every 17 days. It means that most people don’t change their pyjamas for two weeks!

If you are fall into this category, our cleaning experts warned that this could actually be VERY BAD for your health. Pyjamas are against your skin, and you shed skin cells all the time. They are full of microorganisms. Wearing these uncleaned bed clothes for so long increase the probability for you to get skin infections, especially if they get into cuts and bruises on your body.

Washing pyjamas after 2-3 wear would be ideal. You could put them in your domestic washing machine or try our wash & fold services. We know that washing should help you to get rid of most microbes, but if you have worm them for weeks or more, then not all of them could be removed during your normal washing process. The clothes will not be hygienically cleaned because the microbes will have built up by then.

And when that happens, these microbes will be transferred to you other clothes that comes into contact with the skin. If you have a family with young children, this is especially important for you to clean your pyjamas regularly. Protect your family. Stop saying that you have no time!!

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