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Using Dryer or Hanging Them Under The Sun?

Should you use a laundry dryer or hanging your washed clothes under the sun to air dry them? Both methods have the pros and cons and each ways have its own reasons and benefits. So how do we choose between using a laundry dryer or hanging our clothes under the sun? In this article, we wish to briefly shared with you about the pros and cons:

Laundry Dryer

First, let’s talk about the advantages of the laundry dryer. The key reason of why so many people prefer to use a laundry dryer is because of CONVENIENCE. We just need to put our washed clothes into the machine and an hour later, it’s done. We don’t need to go outside, hang our clothes, get them back when weather is bad, hang them back on, and get them back when it’s dry.

Using a laundry dryer is especially useful for people who live in Singapore, as being situated near the equator, we have a typical tropical climate with plenty of rainfall and high humidity all year around. In our country, it rains an average of 178 days a year and much of the rain is heavy and accompanied by thunder. Just imagine you have to watch your clothes and weather all the time to prevent raindrops fall onto your washed clothes, because when that happens, it ruins all your effort and you have to re-do your washing again.

Hanging Clothes Under The Sun

On the other hand, there are also many advantages of hanging clothes under the sun. First and foremost, it doesn’t cost any money. You save on the electricity bill. Sun is actually a “natural sanitizer”, so when your clothes are dried under the sun, they will smell fresh too. Sun can naturally help to bleach your clothes, so it will make your white clothes whiter, but at the same time, make your other coloured clothes colour lighter too.

However, hanging laundry under the sun will become extremely challenging and time consuming when you have to work long hours, have a large family, or with young kids.

Moreover, if your residence is near a factory area, do take note that the pollutants may get trap into the fabrics of your clothes when you are airing them. Who like a blouse with chocolate power smell?

So which drying method should you choose?

It will depends on your lifestyle. If you are the type of individuals enjoy doing laundry work, and have a lot of time watching your clothes to prevent them from the rain, just love being under the sun and do some exercise, and staying away from any industrial estates, then hanging clothes under the sun to air dry your washed clothes will be a perfect solution for you.

But if you are like many other working professionals who have to spend a lot of hours at work, want to enjoy life when you are having a break, and seek for a simple yet clean solution, then using a laundry dryer will be a more appropriate solution.

At My Locker Laundry, our premium drying cleaners only uses eco-friendly laundry dryer machines to save the electricity and planet earth. Even though the cost of investment of these machines are more expensive than the other common ones found in the market, we like to do our part to save the carbon footprints for all.

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