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Let’s Take Care For Your Silk Garments

Hundreds of years ago, possessing a pair of silk garments was a sign of luxury reserved for the royalty as only a few could afford it. Centuries later, silk still remains a coveted material because not only silk look and feel fabulous, but it is lightweight, versatile, and surprisingly a strong fibre. A filament fibre formed from proteins secreted by silkworms, silk is one of the finest yarns available to fabric producers and can be used for some of the most delicate and elegant fabrics look.

The right silk dress you up elegantly, and when you pair it with your favourite jeans, you create a smart and vibrant image. Your best bet for keeping your silk in top condition is to trust it to a professional dry cleaner. At My Locker Laundry, we have years of experience of caring for your delicate silk. However, we would love to share with you some tips on how to care for your silk garments DIY.

We asked our cleaning experts about some commonly asked questions about silk:

Question: Is silk the most delicate type of materials?

Yes, silk is the most delicate type of material commonly used to make clothing. Because of its strengths, beauty and luxurious feel, silk fabric is a favourite of many designers. Silk is used for many different types of women’s dresses including wedding gowns, evening gowns, dresses, sarongs, dress shirts, skirts and scarves. It’s lightweight and gentle, add a definite, luxury and elegant look for your outfit. The material is not restricted to women’s clothing. For men, you can find their dress shirts, suits, ties and pocket squares made from silk to create a smart feel.

Unlike other materials such as cotton, however, silk is less forgiving when it comes to laundering and fabric care. It is particularly susceptible to stains and damage from high temperature. While each silk fibre is surprisingly strong, it is important for you to start learning how to properly care for your silk garment to avoid stains and damage.

Question: The care labels says “Dry Clean Only”, is it really necessary to send my silk garments to dry cleaners?

Yes. When it comes to washing your silk, leaving it to your trusted experts at the dry cleaners is the absolutely best way to extend the life of your silk garments and keep its subtle lustre and delicate hand feel. There is a difference between “Dry Clean” and “Dry Clean Only”. For the former, hand washing your silk garments is an acceptable alternative (provided that you know how to wash it properly), but for the latter, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you adhere to dry cleaning experts strictly.

Question: What can I do to keep my silk garments continue looking great?

Despite your best effort, accidents happen and stains may happen on your favourite silk garments. When mishap happens, try your best to address the stain as quickly as possible because the sooner you attend to it, the more likely you are to preserve the silk fabric. The best way to do it is to use a clean damp cloth to gently wipe the stained area, rub in one single direction and to avoid rubbing it vigorously. You should also avoid exposing the garment to excess heat which will speed up the stain setting process.

Most wrinkles in silk can be steamed out. Ironing your silk garment is not recommended as high temperature can damage the fabric. If you don’t own a steam and have little alternative than an iron. Use the low temperature setting ONLY. When you are ironing the garment, DO NOT spray or wet it, as it will create water stains on your favourite piece.

Question: What should I tell my dry cleaner about cleaning silk?

You may or may not know that there is a science to stain removal to the delicate fabric. We use a wide variety of cleaners and solvent to remove the most stubborn stains. For example, our solvent to remove red wine and that to remove tomato sauce is different. Vegetable based stains are chemically different from protein based stains and each stain requires different treatment. After you drop off your silk garments at one of my lockers, you should try to add laundry note on your SMS to be as specific as possible about what caused the stain. Our professional expert will access the situation and we will know exactly how to treat it.

Question: What is the best way to store my silk garments?

Silk creases so it’s best not to fold or leave it bunched up for long. When you are storing your silk garment for a longer time then please make sure your garment is clean and stored in a breathable fabric bag. We do not recommend plastic containers because they lock in moisture and will spoil your garments. Keep it away from the sun because it’ll fade the colour and weaken the fibre. As silk is protein-based, it can attract moths so you should add the natural moth repellent in your storage to protect your beloved dress. A good natural moth repellent is a lavender bag. For us, we always keep lavender bags in our wardrobes, cloths drawers and linen cupboards. From time to time, we will squeeze the lavender bags to release the scent, which we love the fresh smell but will repel moths.

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