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How To Prolong The Life Of Your Gym Clothes And (High-Price) Yoga Pants?

When we move towards a healthy lifestyle, we should all do more work out to stay fit, keep healthy. It doesn’t matter if you are a fitness fanatic or a persistent yoga master in the making, you want to look good while getting your sweat on. And when you work out hard, so does your workout clothing.

With scores of some yoga pants now getting above the $100 mark, you really need to learn the proper garment care for your fitness clothes. Here are six surefire care techniques.

1. Go with Cold

You’ve likely mastered the art of separating lights and darks when you are doing your laundry. But have you mastered the art of separating cold and hot treatment for your garments? Mixing and washing synthetics and cottons together can cause abrasion, resulting in higher chance of wear and tear on your workout clothes. In fact, synthetics don’t like hot water (neither do your bamboo pieces), they prefer the delicate cycle with cold water treatment in order to remain vibrant and clingy.

2. Fight the odors

Do you know that vinegar has an amazing stink-reducing abilities? Pre-soak your workout clothes in a mixture of cold water and half a cup of vinegar for 15 to 30 minutes prior to washing them. This helps to change the ph level of your garments and discourage the bacteria that cause odor. Got a smelly towel? Try vinegar too!

3. Use less detergent

Some people thought adding extra detergent to their smelly gym clothes can help them clean better. Unfortunately, only the opposite is true. The actual fact is adding extra detergent making the situation worse. Why? Every washing machine has a standard cycle that’s set to handle a certain amount of detergent, so any excess of liquid will not get washed out, it will just build up on your clothing, trapping dead skin and create an ideal environment for fungus.

4. Keep the fabric softener away

Many of us love the fresh scent of fabric softener, workout clothes (like your gym and yoga gears) and fabric softener are an unfortunate pair. Fabric softener breaks down the elasticity in stretchy fabrics like nylon and spandex, and also creates a barrier on the garment, which traps in odors and clogs the pores of technical fabrics, killing your high-tech pant’s wicking capabilities.

5. Turn them inside out

This will help your workout clothes colourful from fading. Also, most of the stuff you want to wash away tends to accumulate inside your gym clothes, not outside.

6. Using a laundry dryer or air dry?

Hanging them to dry and using the laundry dyer correctly will both help prolong the life of your garment. If you choose to air dry your clothes, make sure you set enough time for them to dry as the humidity level in Singapore is high so it takes a longer time to dry your wears. If you choose to use a laundry dryer, you’ve got to make sure that you use low heat setting ONLY. High heat can damage the technical fabrics and cause your clothes to lose their shapes. One of our customers explained why she always prefer our wash and fold services for her outfits, “I find using your wash and folder services helps remove the odor of my clothes. Plus it saves TIME. I also hate when I grab a pair of air-drying gears for my morning workout and they are still damp. It’s a disgusting feeling.”

Your workout clothes require delicate care and attention to keep clean and prolong its life cycle. These tips will help you make sure your gym clothes and yoga pants stay neat and clean at all time.

Ready to learn more tips on how to take care of your clothes? Check this out.

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