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How To Properly Deal With The Stains On Your Silk?

You love the luxurious feel and beautiful finishes of your silk garments. You know that you are confident when you are on your best blouse, and you are elegant and smart when you believe in yourself. You know you look good and competent.

So when you have accidentally spill some coffee on your blouse …. Oh Noooooooo!

While this is not an ideal way to start your day, it doesn’t have to be a disaster for your new blouse either. And it certainty doesn’t mean that your silk is ruined. Here is the rules for how you should treat a stain on silk:

1. Wipe, don’t press: Use a clean damp cloth to gently wipe the stained spot in one direction. Be carefully not to rub it or apply too much pressure on the stained area, as this may cause further damage to the silk fibres. Use only cold water.

2. Keep your garment away from the sunlight and heat: Silk fibre is soft and strong, but when it is stained, avoid sunlight and heat as they will speed up the process of stain settling in the silk fibre. Some DIY advisors may ask you to use vinegar/water solution to clean the stained areas to avoid stain settling in. However, we don’t recommend you to try this method unless you have a vivid understanding of what you are doing. Ideally, you would want to bring your stained silk garment to your trusted dry cleaners.

3. Bring your garments to your trusted professional dry cleaner: Silk isn’t something that you want to attempt to clean at home because of the delicate nature of the materials. Different stain source require different treatments. For example, the solvent used to cure a lipstick and the solvent used to save the garment from vegetable oil is different. Your trusted dry cleaners will use a variety of solvents to remove stubborn stains. For instance, our experienced professionals have an arsenal of techniques to remove your stains without applying unnecessary heat, pressure or detergents for the treatment.

4. Provide as much information to your trusted cleaners as possible: When you send your beloved garments to your dry cleaners, provide them as much information as possible. It is critical for the cleaner to know what type of stain is on the garment, so they will know how to proceed with the treatment. You may want to know that our treatment to treat black coffee stain and that to treat coffee with cream and sugar is DIFFERENT. Specifically, creamers contain diary but black coffee does not. We will then use a protein stain remover for the dairy products and vegetable tannin stain remover for the coffee. Yes, it is a complicated process. Leave it to us. So when you are placing orders using your app, do add the laundry note to us as information is power for us to do a dedicated work.

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